28. Dezember 2011


Hey guys,
I hope you've had a wonderful christmas time with the people you like the most?!
Here's a little snapshot of my today's outfit. Its really not winter-like, but feel more like early spring than winter to be honest: no snow, sunshine? Why not wear summer-jewelry!

 Boho- style is back!

26. Dezember 2011

Love & Peace, Betty

18. Dezember 2011

DIY knitted scarf, DIY Jeans shirt

Love & Peace, Betty

DIY- jeans meets fabric

Hello my lovely readers,
a saturday at home can be really creative. Grubbing in the basement for things you can change- favorite thing to do right now!
I found an old jeans shirt in one of these boxes and thought, it needs a new makeover...

Love & Peace, Betty

How you do it: get a jeans shirt, some fabric you like and a sewing machine would be easier in that case.

Choose a part of your shirt, you wanna change and get its measures. Duplicate them onto your fabric. 
The only thing you need to do now is to sew it on the chosen part.

© Betty K.

15. Dezember 2011

elixir vitae

the first issues of my christmas gift found their way to my mailbox!
Check out their websides to get a great deal like me: ELLE and InStyle

12. Dezember 2011

cosy knitted sweater with scarf

Love & Peace, Betty

11. Dezember 2011

10. Dezember 2011

a saturday recipe

... its sunny outside and you crave for a fresh meal. Can`t choose between pasta or salad?
That happens to me all the time. Usually I end up doing both.^^ This recipe below is easy to make and you can find the ingredients in every supermarket. Its a good take- along for a friends BBQ or just for you in- between.
So try it and let me know if you like it...


2 packets of Tortellinis (your choice if meat,spinach or other stuffing)
2 times Sour Cream (approx. 400ml)
1 cucumber
1 red pepper
1 packet of ham
1 box cherry tomatoes
1 packet frozen parsley
1 packet frozen chive
( fresh is even better)

boil the tortellinis in hot water and add some salt. When they are done, let them cool for some time
In that time you can cut all the other ingredients in small pieces.
Put everything in a bowl and mix it with the sour cream. If you chose the frozen herbs, let them get room temperature and add to your salad.
If necessary, add salt and pepper for season tasting... et voilà.

Love & Peace, Betty

7. Dezember 2011

Home Improvement.

fleamarket founds. Golden leave: Accessorize

Love & Peace, Betty

5. Dezember 2011


Hey guys,
here is for you my first selfmade piece, I called it "green romance."

DIY blouse, Necklace: Accessorize
© Betty K.

crochet up.

Look what I found at the fleamarket on saturday... totally in Love with all of it.

fleamarket founds. Last one: vintage and a moustache ;-)