5. Dezember 2012

Wednesday quote

Today I've found a wonderful picture in my "winter wonderland" file on on the desktop. This picture was taken in December 2008 in Upstate NewYork. We've had that freezing nights where all the trees got covered by ice.
That's right guys, its pure ice- no snow! 
An experience I've never had before, cause where I live there is neither that much ice nor tons of snow for long.
We've had more than 5 days without any power and 2 babies in the house, who had to have it cosy and warm. A fun trip almost down to the City had to happen to get a generator to at least get warm water in the house. It was so amazing to look out of the house into an incredible ice landscape...
Guess what?! We finally have the first snow falling for this year. I kinda gave up the hope of seeing this beautiful white flakes before christmas, but noo... there it is.
I was visiting my grandpa in the hospital when I've recognized it. A beautiful view from the uppest level all over the city and little villages around.
Makes me feel very calm and thoughtful somehow.
But in a good way I suppose.

4. Dezember 2012


Here are some photos from my childhood I've just found on my external hard drive. 
My brother and me used them for a wonderful christmas gift years ago... 
Still dont have all the christmas gifts yet. I seem to get all the ideas for special presents last minute each year.
Well, I kinda like it that way though...

#1 me on vacation in Spain | #2 my mom and me in her hometown
#3 me playing with my best friends for this day, the birdtwins who could talk
#4 mini me and mini brother sitting on our favorite chairs

28. November 2012

Wednesday quote

photo has been taken on Route 1, California back in 2009
I've chose this quote today, because time has been passing by super fast these days for me.
The amazing colorful autumn days are over and weather has changed into a cold and dusty atmosphere,
not yet winter wonderland.
I try to make each moment special and useful, but I kinda see myself once in a while just laying in bed covered in blankets and watching TV, cause its just so relaxing. Some hot tea and warm lights make my day perfect then. 
Thoughts coming up in my mind and I try to reflect some projects I'm working on.
Even if it seems to be waisting time, I gain more energie and allow myself to just enjoy the pre- christmastime. 
Time is passing by way to fast sometimes and it totally makes me nervous thinking about the things I could have done. 
While writing about it, energie and motivation comes back and I'm planning the rest of the week.
Tomorrow I'll be shooting a little TV spot again for this local channel. This time not about haircuts and stylings, its about what to wear when you're having a day out in the snow and go for a sleigh ride. 
I think it's gonna be a fun day interviewing the german olympia winner in skeleton.
Friday is also planned quiet good. My day will start by being in school working on my fashion collection for women over 50. Its really tough if you have just 3 colors to work with, but also a really amazing challenge. 
Anyhow, I'll catch up with my friends later to get ready for the Florence and the Machine concert at night!!
Cant wait to see her live again. The tickets have been waiting here for such a long time now... :)

24. November 2012

my week in pics

One minute drawing on monday | working on my color scheme for the Illustrator project
DIY Ipad case, leather and old paisley fabric | my lunch on thursday
selfmade little office, since my room has no space for a bigger one ;) | todays snapshot via Instagram

15. November 2012

Amsterdam Getaway

About exactly a year ago, I took the train up to visit my good friend, Aranka, near Amsterdam.
We have met in 2008 while we were working together at the Coca-Cola Company. After graduation from school I wanted to work for about 3month somewhere, where I actually earn some good money and get to know some big business. 
The close Coca- Cola Company seemed to be a great opportunity to have a great schedule and a closer look into a business which is well known everywhere in ther world. After about 2weeks working there, Aranka came in and was told to work with me over summer. I was really happy, cause it got kinda boring doing everything on my own, almost not talking to anybody. She and I got friends right away and were working together as a team like nothing.
After our time was over as some Cokegirls, we couldn't see eachother for over a year, cause I left the country for my very new adventure of being an AuPair. Since I'm back, we both talk once in a while over all sorts of social medias and still talk like always. Even if we don't see eachother that often because of the distance, we try to connect as often as possible. I guess this is called a "real friendship", which you just dont find that often out there. 
Anyways, I found these few pictures of our visit for half a day in the city of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Enjoy.

13. November 2012

carnival in cologne

Oh what a fun weekend. I just came home from a really fun and creative weekend at my friends house in cologne. Every years there is a huge party all over the city to celebrate "carnival" or as you might know it as "mardi gras". Its a fun spectacle where we all dress up and go as something or somebody different. Usually the whole group interpretes the same topic just as this year, where we all went as "dia de los muertos- dolls".
To be honest, we didnt plan it that much this year, cause we were all super busy and didnt have that much money to spend for just a day. It turned out to be a really fun idea and the people around had a fun time looking at us as nice girls first, then turning around and kinda shock them by looking so different.
Well, the real carnival comes up next year and it'll go for about 5 days dressed up as whatever you feel like and having fun with tons of people listening to local music. 
On one of these pictures you might questioning yourself, who is that guy in the middle... well, thats our great friend, who came to visit us for a couple of days. Amazing surprise for us, cause we not get the chance to see him that often. Thanks for that great time guys

7. November 2012

Wednesday quote

Time for my weeks quote.
My alarm went at around 4am this morning to remind me to follow the U.S. election on television. 
Half asleep when the news popped up. Relieved and super tired, I fell back to sleep again and was dreaming about the time I actually was part of the States. Exactly 4 years ago I could follow the election of the (now!) second time winning president and totally got caught by the atmosphere. I could see people taking sides between the 2 fronts by showing big posters in their windows, while I was taking my daily walk with the babies. Having plenty of stickers on their cars or wearing Tshirts with statements. Being part of a college program with people all over the world talking about the states, the language, traditions, food, culture and the history, made me feel more curious about the country.
This important year for myself and then this changing election was a great combination, because everything seems to be so new to me. 
Thinking about that amazing time - which I do at least once a day!- I couldnt help myself looking at all the pictures and papers I've made and collected during this year. 
Tears, Happiness, Laugh. I've passed all these stages all at once. This always happens when I look at the pictures and the great time we've had. 

Well, here is my wednesquote for you. Shakespeare. Photo was taken on Route1 back in 2009.

3. November 2012


I've been having lots of fun this last week. I was having a great schedule including lingerie cuttings, Illustrator fall collection 2013 and a power point presentation about the Inkas and their fashion. That kept me busy this week and I actually didnt have any time to do an outfit photos at all. Sorry for that my friends! 
Nevertheless I could do some wonderful little projects for my soul. Here is a little sneak peek of my latest jewelry project. This amazing venture Im working on for the Illustrator workshop will include some handmade leather jewelry and some leather accessories... Oh btw. the quality is not that good this time, cause I was playing with my little digital cam this time.
Thanks for the lovely comments and emails these weeks!

28. Oktober 2012

daylight saving

Time has changed. This last week and also first week back to school really kept me busy. As I've mentioned before, I was struggeling with Illustrator and switching between my Ipad and my brothers laptop constantly. He is the only one who has that needed program and was really kind giving me his laptop to work on my duty. By friday all was done and I finally had time to finish some projects, like sewing some hemlines, finishing some fashion drawings and just organizing my laptop by creating new folders.

At the end of each semester, there is a fashion show of the students who got their degrees in fashion design. As so friday night. A really engaged semester of about nine students created tha amazing show and made me realize that its what I aim for. This fashion industry is such a tough one, where you sometimes forget where your place is. Especially when you are in the fledgling stages, where you still try to fogure out what your name or design should stand for. This year is about my very own collection and what I really like to show people. I allow myself to show something private in this collection and how I interpret my thoughts about my family and my very own place in between. 2 outfits are finished and still at least 3 more to go.

While babysitting yesterday I figured it would be fun to ask these two cute girls I take care of once in a while if they would like to go on the runway, too. Of course they were all excited about it and before bedtime, they just had to play and pretend to be a model walking in that fancy dresses. It was soo cute how they think a model should be and what they have seen in movies or magazines. Actually a little scary too, cause at the age of 8 and 11, they already get the tension between being normal and just way too skinny. But these two have a great opinion about it and like who they are. Thats what I love the most about it and what I want to see in them everytime. They should be theirselves anytime, everywhere.

Earlier this day, me and my friend Vera from TakeTime4me finally got back together for our favorite hobby, shopping the fleamarkets! We used to go almost every weekend, but since we both are super busy studying, working or just not living that close to each other, it got rare catching up. We've finally made it and had so much fun talking about trends, people around us and the lovely things we've seen and couldnt decide If one of us "needs" it or not. (its always like that, when visiting a fleamarket!)
The pictures below were made spontaniously, cause be both actually were neighter dressed nor in the mood for a shooting that day. 
Time has changed. It was incredibly cold outside. The temperature switched from + 10°C into - 4°C overnight! Way to cold to walk through a market at 9am. Well, we did it anyways and as cold it was and as exhausted we were we could not just leave without taking some snapshots together. A wonderful memory of the first winter-day of the year.
Outfit - details:  
dark red pants: h&m / croched shirt: fleamarket / black cardigan: Zara / scarf: Primark / shoes: clarks / 
parka: from my brother / necklaces: handmade / ring: a friends gift 

22. Oktober 2012

Inspirational artwork

Monday is almost over and must say, a wonderful start of the week aswell.
It all started with a wonderful song in the jukebox, called "you and I"(click) from Ingrid Michaelson, an oh so lovely singer and songwriter from NY. Her music is really catchy and especially this song caught me a while ago, while dreaming of a kids camp owened by me and a good friend. I thought it somehow fits and I made it into the song I need to hear as my alarm clock each morning! It works just great and the morning starts with something so sweet. What kind of alarm sounds do you guys have??
So staying at the trainstation (which is an open space, from where u see the fields) waiting made me fall into a daydream scenario full of ideas for the week. Fabric shopping, sewing on some projects and finally getting them all placed nicely to take a pic to show you guys.
As soon as I arrived at my school, I was surprised to see so many new people sitting there smiling at me. Oops, I totally forgot that the new semester started today and everybody is waiting to have their first meeting in our circle. This first week of each semester is always a week full of projects.
I luckily could choose an Adobe Illustrator one, where Im gonna start from the very beginning now. I know, there are so many creative heads out there who know how to work with it since... forever.
Not me! I took a little course over a year ago and loved it. But as Im not the best in dealing with the computer things, I didnt do anything for a long time. Sad, but oh well, another year another chance, right!?
I have so many figurines drawed by me, but never used the programms to go crazy with combining and illustrating. There are so simple now, but with the right know- how on Illustrator I'm gonna change this soon! ;)
Check out these pics I've found on the world wide web. This amazing artwork is from Stina Persson, a creative soul from sweden. Find more about her on here

20. Oktober 2012

weekend - DO

Hello everyone,
the last weekend before I go back to university has started and its packed with lots of activites.
Yesterday started with another hospital visit. I didnt say anything during this week about having my lovely grandpa laying in hospital waiting to get an operation on his knee. Nothing too bad, but at the age of 94 everything changes. He is such an active, handsome old man and hates to be in bed more than sleeptime. So he kept my abuelita, thats how I call her, super busy all the time. I was helping out the whole time so that she can relax at least a little.
Everything went well with the operation yesterday and he is dealing with the splint around his leg now. We are all so relieved, you can't imagine! Right after that, my brother and I went to the closest IKEA store.
A little shopping tour in that big store always makes me happy for some reason. New decoration ideas, fabrics and pilloooows! Oh, how I am in love with pillows! There is no time where I dont get at least one.
Well, coming back with a bag full of goodies, my brothers best friendwas waiting at the house for spending the eve together having some easy dinner. Galric bread, cold pasta salad and for the boys some meat combined with a bottle of wine were just perfect to let the evening fade away.
Today, I'll just work around the house, doing some laundry and reading some articles. Doesn't sound really interesting, but with good music from the 60's/70's in the jukebox and some rearrangements inbetween its real fun.
Two of my girls are picking me up later tonight to visit a friends house for a birthday party. It will be really nice to see a good friend of ours and having some nice talks again. Girls, we need to catch up more often! Haven't have much time lately, which we should change right away!
Sunday will be a studio day for sure. Some little projects are still laying there waiting to get done to go back to their owners. And some organisations and preparations for the next week.
Here are some snapshots taken at the IKEA parking lot yesterday. How I fall in love with these indian summer colors! And finally my friends, you'll get to see my new hair experience... the color is a little washed out, cause on top of the bleaching there was more red/orange. But I like it that way.

shirts and skirt: forever21/ necklace: handmade fringe and tree of life, leather + metal
purse: gift from bolivia-original / ring: handmade arrow, leather
bracelet: handmade braided, leather / shoes: unknown

17. Oktober 2012

wednesday quote

Good morning everyone,
since the last few days were full of rain and cold weather, I didnt feel like taking outfit posts at all. I try to find a good spot around the house, but am not really successful here. Still on my way of finding a little corner to have a constant background. Anyway, I've found this quote today. It makes me think a lot about my dreams and their possible meanings. It drives me crazy waking up with a dream where I totally remember all the details. The first awake moments are so confusing to me and I try to figure out if its reality or just a wierd dream. Its actually really fun to see how confusing I can be because of something like a dream. They say dreams come from your subconscious mind. Where your mind tries to handle your activities and thoughts.
Well this quote comes straight to the point. Dreams just verify your character. Thats maybe why they are so important to us and why we are happy, if we can remember them. Ok, nightmares wake you up in the middle of the night and make you really upset or scared of something which may never happen. But still, we are in a bad mood and have hard times to fall back asleep again. But still, we try to turn our dream-story around to come to a happy end, cause we are afraid of waking up again.
But to come to the positiv part again, dreaming helps you eighter way. A daydream is something so nice and relaxing and helps you focus on something you like. I love to daydream once in a while. Thoughts about future, new ideas, positiv happenings or travelling. Recreational, thats what it is.
What do you think about dreams? Do they help you sometimes drealing with situations or just make you happy cause you'll be in a whole nother world?!