30. Mai 2012

cheerful nature

These longer weekends are quite the best time to enjoy your surroundings. As mentioned, I've been dancing through the fields and experienced the local national park. Kissed by sun and impressed by all these wonderful colors, I got some great ideas for new projects  >>>  Happy!!

Outfit details:
shirt & shorts - forever21
 feather necklace - handmade

28. Mai 2012

This week's quote: activate your soul

Yesterday, we did a little roadtrip through the national park area around and found such great places.
Lakes, fields and nice little roads inbetween. It always reminds me that my wanderlust can becalmed by just driving somewhere through nature. At least at this time of the year. Good music and a cool drink are always part of our trips and not to forget the camera. 
A perfect match to get your mind cleaned and open for something new.
That brings me right to my week's quote. It should be about getting active and listening to your soul. I still got some projects to finish and since weather is so inspiring sunny, Im gonna make this week about flowing things around.
A ccomplish                        
 C reativity                       
T iming                    
   I nvestigate         
                          V iew                                    
                                  A ttraction                             
             T aste        
                    E xperience

These are my weeks words I guess. At the end of the week, Im gonna let you know, in which ways I could fulfill them and how I've interpred them.

Outfit details:
dress - monsoon Accessorize
hat - vintage
jewelry - Accessorize
feather necklace - handmade
nailpolish - vintage 

27. Mai 2012


Good morning folks,
since my last weeks quote was "carpe diem", I really did a lot each day. Catching up with some friends, enjoying the sun, spending time with the little ones, making some jewelry, sewing things for studies and private leftovers and finding inspiration which needed to be drawn on paper. 
Having a theme- week is a great opportunity to do something just about that theme. Ok, "carpe diem" should be each weeks theme, cause you can get a lot of things done by waking up early and getting started. Anyhow, There are a few trips coming up this summer and cant wait to write another travelling report about Italy, New York and some weekend trips with friends and family. 
Any plans for summer yet? 
Getaways are just the best thing to do to stock up some energie and to find some other perspectives in life. 

25. Mai 2012


“Dreams are illustrations… from the book your soul is writing about you.”  
Marsha Norman

23. Mai 2012

go vest

... there we go again- seeing me in this lovely new piece: my vest.
It starts getting my favorite take-a-long for this summer. Its all denim and wearable over almost everything I would say. Ok, the colors might be important, but to be honest- I dont care about it so much. ;)
My closet offers me lots of options to combine this lovely little vest. And jewelry is always a good option to make your outfit even more "you".
My combination here is a wonderful creme- colored shirt with a bat sleeve and some knitted parts. In combination with my absolutely favorite fringe-vest is perfect for a warm and sunny weather like it was today. Decided to wear a very old bootcut jeans with it, cause I had to take care of two lovely princesses, who love to be outside. FlipFlops always work for me. Comfy and easy-going.

Outfit details:
shirt - forever21
finge vest - bershka
vest - DIY
jeans - Only
flipflops - Roxy
jewelry - heritage / Gina Tricot / Six

21. Mai 2012

This week's quote: carpe diem

I was just talking to a friend and figured out that its sometimes tough to use each day perfectly.
There are times or moments, where you just want to do nothing special exept watching tv or reading a magazin- but it that not useful?!
It helps your body relax and your mind handling all your thoughts. So useful in a way.
As long as your other works won't stay still, don't worry about having some moments of doing nothing special.
For me, I love watching tv. Try to combine it with arts and crafts though.
That brings me right to the weekend. The vest I'm wearing in the picture below is one of my lovely fleamarket founds and it was way to big and boring before. Cutting the sides and putting them back together was all I had to do to make it perfectly fit.
Found some fabric leftovers in my little box and some lace doilies around and handsewed them right where they matched. Earring and ring and selfmade, too. I thought its a perfect match all together.
I am so in love with my new wardrobe pieces. Some more pieces will follow soon ...

By the way, I owe you a big apology about the quality of my last shots- this camera is not the best :( time to get a new one!


16. Mai 2012

step by step

This day is about doing everything step by step.
The last day of university, before this awesome longer weekend starts, was quiet a busy one. I spent time working on some cuttings and spent lots of quality time with my granny. A short day somehow, but could do a lot by going step by step. It's a short post I know, but there is still so much stuff to do before this day ends.

So here is to you a little double- foto of todays' outfit. A little gipsy today >>>

15. Mai 2012

lovely tiny piece

As you might have recognized, I love accessorieses. I started collecting old and demaged pieces for a long time now and start doing my own jewelry. This little piece was a necklace pendant and got broke somehow. I got it over Kleiderkreisel and not quiet sure what to do with it...
An earring, a brooch or make it into a ring or a bracelet?! Im gonna find it out these days...

Love & Peace, Betty

14. Mai 2012

this weeks' quote: keep smiling!

What a wonderful day today. Lots of sun, but allergies all around :( Not so good. They knock me out each year around this season and make me wanna do legally nothing. Don't want to let that happen, so I get a little nap each day to get back all that energie. It helps, even if I feel like a baby who needs its naptime. ^^

This weeks quote is: keep smiling! It doesn't matter whats gonna happen, try to start it with a smile.

I am so happy to pronounce that Im gonna be in the states again this summer! Yaay- cannot wait to see my friends and spend lots of time with the kids again. I'm missing them way to much and wish I'd have them around. So I def. need to make a list full of fun activities for summertime. My presents gonna be selfmade clothes. For me, there is nothing better than to do kids clothes. Already found some great fabrics during the year- just need to get the special cuttings. In love already!

Love & Peace, Betty

DIY oversized shirt
feather necklace by Kleiderkreisel

11. Mai 2012

weekend- do: enjoy the moment

this weekend is all about enjoying the moment! Having a rainy weather forecast makes me wanna do something enjoyable at home. Making some tea, baking a wonderful mothers- day cake (or in my case cookies or muffins), and getting out all my crafts to create something new. 
On my list: some cute girls clothes. A dress and a skirt for my babysitting kids' birthdays for example.
I found that really nice quote on we heart it and loved it immediately. Even if I'm a positive- minded person, I feel like sometimes forgetting the things which really matters in my life.

What are you going to do this weekend?

drawing: Betty K. / quote: we heart it

Whatever it is: ENJOY EACH MOMENT
Love & Peace, Betty

5. Mai 2012

green corduroy

Having a rainy weekend makes you eigther really tired or totally creative.
Nothing to say against laying in bed, having your favorite tee and watching tv or reading a good book all day long. But I always feel really guilty, when I do nothing.
Working in my studio all the time, makes it look totally chaotic after a while. So it wasn't just my bedroom, which needed to be cleaned! 
So my todays do was to get a big and solid shelf for all my fabrics and accessorices and to arrange everything into boxes. I love to do that, so I get new inspiration and get the feeling of starting something new.

This outfit below is one of my favorites right now. I usually don't wear pants that often. But this special one is handmade. It was one of my semester works, to create a fun and wearable pair of pants. This is, what I came up with. A 70's inspired and really comfortable to wear pants. The fabric is called "corduroy".

Corduroy is also the name of a really cute children's book. Its about a little teddy, who lives in a departmentstore. Its from Don Freeman, written in 1968. 
Its such a cute book with a good message, for all the kids (and big kids!!) out there. 

pants:handmade/vest:forever21/shirt & belt:vintage/accessorices:Accessorize

Love & Peace, Betty

3. Mai 2012

2. Mai 2012

home sweet home

This weekends do was to clean up my room and get organized.
Because of my mid-term exam, I turned my room into a mess. A creative chaos!
I always wanted to put the pictures and things I like on my wall, which was kinda empty for too long. This sunny weekend made me so happy, that I turned on my Florece CD and got everything done.
You'll see my walls below and I promise: Outfit posts are gonna follow soon!

Love & Peace, Betty

© Betty K.

© Betty K.
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