24. Februar 2012

weekend- do

This time, I wanna work on some special things for my room and my studio. You probably have the same problems having way too much stuff for too little space. I need to get my jewelry and all these fabrics and crafting things organized, before I start working on other projects. 
Since I have to babysit tomorrow, I thought doing some crafts with the kids would be a great idea and found some really cool things to work on for some spring-fun together. I think, these two little ladies gonna be all excited about it- cause they are really creative with me all the time.
Painting was one of my hobbies for so many years, but since I got so many other stuff to do, I kinda lost the passion. So on this weekend- do you'll read paint! as my pledge. ;)
enjoy your weekend and let me know about your "weekend- do's",

Love & Peace, Betty

18. Februar 2012

knit the wit

I know, I just started doing the "weekend- do's" but since the last one last month I've been busy working on my studies. Even if its Carneval over here, I work on some outfits for my mid-terms. Dont worry, Im gonna post the 1950s inspired dresses as soon as they went through the runway ;)
Folklore inspires me a lot right now. Traditions and colors go through my head and I try to find good ways to mix them. I've found a really amazing knitted hoodie and fell immediately in love with it.
I think a DIY knitted piece is a really great and useful gift for your bff's. Ok, it doesnt have to be like that one, but you can start with a scarf and do something around it to make it very special. Don't know how to sew?? Check out this website to learn the basics or just go ask mommy or granny- almost all grandmas know how to sew ;)
And go visit raww, her blog is really inspiring!!

Love & Peace, Betty

14. Februar 2012

Happy Valentine's day

Today about three years ago, I had a wonderful day with some friends in Manhattan.
We got a ticket for the NYC Couture Fashion week. One of my biggest dreams was about to come true and we went shopping to get THE BEST OUTFIT ever for that special day in the City. I decided to go for the 50's look and got a really pretty flower cocktail dress. Along with some pearls and high heels. This day was amazing. Not just because we got a great ticket for the Waldorf Astoria, we met a guy, who gave us the opportunity to get some seats right between the press! Enough? No! We got balcony seats right next to people who spent a fortune to get that chance or are invited personally by the designers.
Well, sometimes you just need some German Kinderschokolade to pay the bills ;)

Happy Valentine's day my friends

Love & Peace, Betty

12. Februar 2012

through the woods

Its hard for me to pose for photos. Never know how to look! This blog is a good opportunity to get the feeling of beeing a model, even though I know, I do NOT have the measures of one. But its still fun and gives me the opportunity to show you my style and the stuff I am sewing. DIY projects are the bloggers favorites and inspires me every time.

Below you see 2 double- pics from me taken in the woods near where I live. I wear a DIY high-low skirt with a fleamarket found- shirt. A leather jacket and some DIY boots. As Accessoires I go for feathers and a brown belt with a golden belt-buckle and a golden bracelet.
DIY projects are coming up.

Love & Peace, Betty

sorry for that quality ;)

9. Februar 2012

aztec inspiration

My week was kinda busy. Carneval is coming up next week, and I had to work on a costume for a friend. It turned out pretty good and fits perfectly. I was really lucky about it, because now I have time to work on my costume. So far, I dont really know what to wear- do I wanna be princess of trash or an indian? I really can't decide...
Inspired by all these colors and that beautiful reddish moon yesterday, I had to do my nails. You can find lots of colors this season. All over the rainbow! The brand "essence" have really good ones for low budgets, the brush is perfect for small nail sizes like mine and the colors are strong. 
The perfect match: My new totem pole- double-ring!

Love & Peace, Betty

4. Februar 2012


Love & Peace, Betty

3. Februar 2012

braid up your hair

we ♥ it
Ok, braiding your hair is nothing new. Lots of girls wish they would have long, strong hair, with which they can do eveything. Braiding it is so easy and with some creativity it can be the eyecatcher wherever you go!
Above are some really nice examples for every location. If its a roadtrip, a party or just a day with your best friend. 

Love & Peace, Betty

1. Februar 2012


I think I'm in love...
My mom came to me these days with a little box of jewelry. I've found that beautiful feather- necklace in the bottom of that box and immediately fell in love with it. Its not her "style" anymore, so she gave it to me. I know, feathers are IN since whenever, but I'm still a fan of them. When I looked at the little tag right where you close it, I could read: Chr. Dior- OMG, I think I got my first real Dior- piece! Yaaay, see that smile on my face??
Thank you mommy ♥
Love & Peace, Betty