25. August 2012

Summer Journal, part 2

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... even if my summer vacation got an unexpected twist, it still gave me some good ideas to create something new. Actually, the kids around me gave me another point of view about starting the day easier and fun. Having those little munkies around all day was heaps of fun. Each day was different and just watching them all day how the've act with each other made me be happy and wanna be a child again :)
In their games its all about IMAGINATION and to pretend.
"Im gonna be a king in my very own castle" (made out of boxes!) - Life can be so easy, right?!
It is quite inspiring to see the world like a childrens' eye once in a while. Especially, when your days are busy and you cant find time to relax or think, cause you are just working. Sometimes, I feel like we should take life easier and don't see new, unexpected situations as something, we couldn't manage.
I am about to find new challenges for my studies and I am working on some new ideas those days which I hope to get done soon. Imagination is the biggest word in this point, because it allowes me to feel free about new projects and opens my mind quiet a lot. I like that!

"Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions."
- Albert Einstein

My first week back home and back in the daily life, I was really happy to see my friends and family again. We had a blast having a girls night out and get the chance to have some girly talks again ;) I had lots of fun and the sun around, which gave me some more input in creating something new. I've organized my room and found some wonderful memories in two little boxes under my closet. Both full of old newspapers, fotos and some notes I've wrote about things I've done and places I've visited. What a wonderful thing to sit in the middle of beautiful souveniers and think about the time and places they are from- don'tyou think?!

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10. August 2012

Summer Journal part 1

My lovely readers,
I must apologize again for that long distance between now and my last post. I got sick and coudn't do that much around here nor do outfit-posts, because of a really bad rash all over my body caused by a virus in combination with antibiotics! My body is still a little swollen, but so much better now...
Thats why I am happy to be back with some fun things and new outfits for my Summer Journal.
In the following pictures you'll see me in the backyard discovering some backgrounds to take the best shots.
Am super happy how they turned out, cause Im still recovering and not really in the mood to be on pictures yet. Anyway, the weather is just wonderful and my time is, becides the sickness, wonderful here!

Outfit- Details

Of course I couldn't stop myself going shopping a little here in the US. It is way cheaper than back home and def. more my thing. Its a mix between Forever21 sale and Marshalls. The camel- toned midi skirt was a piece of luck at Forever21 for less than 20$. As you've might seen in older posts, I totally fall in love with lace and crocked or knitted pieces. Thats why I couldn't resist to buy the top at Marshalls. The cutting of it is nothing so exciting, but with some cute details all over, its gonna be one of my Must-Have's for summer! 
You might see my hair looks a little different. About 4 weeks ago, my friends and I decided to dip-dye our hair and it actually turned out super great! Not the way I wanted it to be, but at the end even better! Here you can see a little rust- tone at the ends. 3rd piece of luck: my feather clip, you can see on the picture below! it has exactly the rust tone, I was looking for...