5. Dezember 2012

Wednesday quote

Today I've found a wonderful picture in my "winter wonderland" file on on the desktop. This picture was taken in December 2008 in Upstate NewYork. We've had that freezing nights where all the trees got covered by ice.
That's right guys, its pure ice- no snow! 
An experience I've never had before, cause where I live there is neither that much ice nor tons of snow for long.
We've had more than 5 days without any power and 2 babies in the house, who had to have it cosy and warm. A fun trip almost down to the City had to happen to get a generator to at least get warm water in the house. It was so amazing to look out of the house into an incredible ice landscape...
Guess what?! We finally have the first snow falling for this year. I kinda gave up the hope of seeing this beautiful white flakes before christmas, but noo... there it is.
I was visiting my grandpa in the hospital when I've recognized it. A beautiful view from the uppest level all over the city and little villages around.
Makes me feel very calm and thoughtful somehow.
But in a good way I suppose.

4. Dezember 2012


Here are some photos from my childhood I've just found on my external hard drive. 
My brother and me used them for a wonderful christmas gift years ago... 
Still dont have all the christmas gifts yet. I seem to get all the ideas for special presents last minute each year.
Well, I kinda like it that way though...

#1 me on vacation in Spain | #2 my mom and me in her hometown
#3 me playing with my best friends for this day, the birdtwins who could talk
#4 mini me and mini brother sitting on our favorite chairs