30. Januar 2012

carnival of venice?!

© Betty K.
© Betty K.
Carnival of Venice is my costumes topic. I've tried to mix past epoches with todays trends. It has to have something gold with the typical carnival flair. With lots of glitter on my models skin and hair.

Love & Peace, Betty

26. Januar 2012

I ♥ nostalgic moments.

Look what I've got today: really beautiful old fotos of my uncle's family. nature, people, memories. Good memories. All these fotos tell us such great stories of the olden days- we just have to listen closely.
Why am I so obsessed with them?! Well, I love to listen to them. Having somebody who tells you something about the people or the area in this pictures makes me feel like I know them. Even if I don't know who they are, I start telling my own story around it. Nostalgia.

Love & Peace, Betty

24. Januar 2012

hello tree. I'm here to be with you.

Ok, that pic was taken around spring. But thats a feeling I like to have right now: Nature. Sun. Fun outside.
It's a busy time for me right now. Creative things come up all the time and let me be inspired constantly. Fashion week is hopping from city to city to show us new trends for this year. How can u be not creative there?!

GET OUT and get inspired by the nice things you'll find right were you'll not expect them to be...
Love & Peace, Betty

21. Januar 2012

weekend- do

DIY is the big topic for my weekend- do.
I like doing templates for prints right now. Its so much fun to get a piece of fabric and put a nice self-made print on it anytime you want. Another project will be to knit a scarf. Still got some wool left overs from St. Nicholas' day- they want to be knit as a scarf and cuffs for this cold weather.
Last weekend you could read that a DIY shirt was right on top of my weekend- do- list. To be honest, I couldn't fulfill that do. Thats why its on my list for this weekend again.
Im happy to show you the results during the week.
Have a great weekend my friends,

Love & Peace, Betty

17. Januar 2012

anything growing yet?!

enjoying probably the last sunrays of this week. The weather forecast says its gonna snow this week, so here is to you my "I dont feel like winter"- Outfit of today:
Outfit: Primark, Accessoires: Primark, Accessorize

15. Januar 2012


Today is one of these great sundays. Having family around and going on a Snapshot- Tour with my brother can be so inspiring. We've found some really great spots, where nature is all around you. So here is to you, my todays-look.

Love & Peace, Betty

13. Januar 2012

weekend- do

The free weekend just started and its gonna be a creative one for me. My "weekend- do" will be to create a shirt with some old fabrics (maybe a new poncho too), the beginning of a new sketchbook- to go and to catch up with some old friends. 
Love to-do-lists. They always help me not going out of the line and focus on the stuff which needs to be done. But sometimes, its just fun to do one for the weekend or for vacation.
Am still having a cold and feel just not like taking pics right now, but that will definitly change next week my friends! Promise.

Its time to do your own weekend- to-do-list! Enjoy it and tell me about your to-do's.

Love & Peace, Betty

6. Januar 2012


pants, shoes, shirt, jacket: Primark; Acceccoires: Kleiderkreisel, Accessorize
Love & Peace, Betty

2. Januar 2012

Love & Peace, Betty

1. Januar 2012

"The same procedure as every year?" I dont think so, mister. 
New Years always make you think about your dreams for the following year. So having a new years pledge is a must- have. Its so interesting to see how different our resolutions are: money, success, health... these are the typical ones. Do you have a special resolution for 2012?
My New Years pledge is to be more creative. Be with the people I love and go on an inspiring journey. Where will it take me next???  
You gonna be part of my journey, thats for sure.

Love & Peace, Betty

Happy New Year 2012


Love & Peace, Betty