30. Juni 2012

and the sun goes down

Here you see one of my fovorite outfits for early summer. A all over printed midi dress in combination with my new lovely shoes a la 70's. Same toned shades and silver jewelry. Usually I would not combine silver tones with a warm toned outfit, but this time it actually works good together.
This weather makes you wanna explore your surroundings quite a lot. As I've told you these days, I started my very own herb garden and so happy to tell you, that I've already used the little leaves for a wonderful pasta sauce italien style. Torino is still in my head and makes me want to eat italian food each day. The sun, the warm feeling and the people are just so hearted and welcomed, even if you sometimes feel like an all over tourist, who really does not speak italian. Grazie! > Prego! > Scusi!
I have a to do list to finish during this weekend and the next week, which includes sewing again. I've started a little kids collection last year for my former AuPair kids. It was so much fun to start something so fun and could see it worn by such beautiful creatures! The same procedure this year: a fun and easy kids collection has to be ready in about 8 days. Some comfy fabrics in combination of cute&easy cuttings is my idea to make some unique and wearable clothes to be worn everyday.
At the end of these 8 days, I'm gonna show you each piece...

enjoy your hopefully sunny and warm weekend

28. Juni 2012

Torino, Italy

Hello lovely readers,
I'm back home now and totally overwhelmed by all these amazing impressions of a city like this.
I've been on a weekly workshop in a wonderful old city in the north of Italy, called Torino.
6 people from Germany got the opportunity to work together with some great people on some projects about the Performing Now Festival 2012. (The link for the ones, who are interested in reading more...)
So we got the opportunity to take a closer look into some really interesting topics, like cinema, theatre, modern dance, costume etc. Each day, there was something new to focus on. Trying to find some different inspiration was one of my goals and totally could fulfill them by just watching. The modern dance group was one of my favorites. These guys dance since they've been little kids and still have that ultimate passion of moving their bodies to such a wonderful music. They have been impressed me and made me think about another point of view when it comes to life/nude drawings...
© Betty K.

© Betty K.
There is so much to see besides the workshops. A walk through the city centre has been a MUST and gave us some more impressions of beautiful Torino. So many french influences can be seen at the houses along the piazzas. I have a marked preference for balconies and was really happy to see that many different ones everywhere my head turned. We were hanging out around the area of "Piazza Vittorio Veneto", which is right in the middle of some good locations. The Murazzi Student Zone is a fun place to be before partying. Having some drinks and listening to some great acts each night is so wonderful right next to the "Po- River". Definitly a place to be at least once to see the view of the other side of the city. So much more to tell about the sights- dont even know, where to go on...
Check out this webside, to find out more about Torino
I mean, italian food is quiet the best- but the handmade Icecream over there is something so good, I dont even have words for it. Rich, tasty, creamy... just totally delicious! Miss trying all the different flavours.
Anyway, here are some impressions of the wonderful Torino. This time mostly taken by a friend.

Good memories

© Betty K.
© Betty K.

I ♥ Torino 

13. Juni 2012

perfectly organized


Since last weekend was about a great roadtrip with some really good friends in combination with a special birthday party and a little festival around. What a wonderful getaway for just 3 days. Definitly could have stay longer at that beautiful place, where was so much to talk and catch up about. Sad to say, but back home now and right back into the daily adventures of life. Well, just for that week to be honest. I would like to tell you more about it as soon as I'll get back from... ITALY
I have to organize lots of things right now. University, sewing projects I'm working on and some family time can't get lost on my way. And of course, I have to be organized during that time. I plan to create a nice chalk board to add all my personal "to- do's", like Design, my blog,life or just notes which should not be missing, like family meetings, and lot more to think about. That is a good way to get focused immediately, I would say! So for me a new good thought to work on!
It's gonna be a wonderful experience for me, but more about it soon! Need to keep it secretly and exciting somehow ;)
Between all that, I had some minutes off to get some fabrics. Lovely ones for the little pumpkins in my family. All about sailors for the baby boy and flowers for the little girl. I know, what a cliché! But everytime way too cute to go around. Have some simply, but lovely ideas to start my next project about kids clothes.

A wonderful day to you all,

6. Juni 2012

wednesday quote

... well that's a plan, isn't it?? 
This week started kind of busy for me. A lot of paperwork and some work around the house made my week pretty boring so far. That's gonna change tomorrow! 
My good friend C. and I planned a little trip to visit our lovely J near Frankfurt. 
We can't wait to see her after over a year now. It's not because we don't want to: no! 
Our lovely J. is a little globetrotter, and always somewhere else. So pretty hard to catch up. 
But as soon as she gets back home for visit, we finally see each others again. 
Because this week has not started with a quote, which makes me turn turn this one into my actually daily one (Or at least my weekends')! 
Anyway, I won't write you guys until the end of this week- just that you know ;) aaaand: new pics are gonna come up as soon as possible. 
Enjoy your week/-end and GO SOMEWHERE!

2. Juni 2012

Rock am Ring

Hey little Rockers,
my week has been really successful in a lot of ways. I could fulfill a lot of to-do's, which def. needed to be done and found some inspiration in gardening,crafting, music and people. Last weeks quote "activate your soul" gave me the opportunity to really listen to what I want to do and what makes me happy. A wake- up call yesterday early morning made me so happy. Cause it said: Wake up- today is the day, where you'll go to "Rock am Ring"- yippii!! I got a spontaneous opportunity to spend a day at this awesome festival. Weather was great and people were just happy to be there. It was so funny to see, that the coachella- festival- style has arrived here in germany. Lots of hair accessories (for men, too!) and some great styled people were dancing to great acts like "The subways / Gossip / Cypress Hill / Marilyn Manson / Kasabian / Guano Apes/ and Linkin Park". Stunning to see them act on stage totally professional and still super easy going. Loved it!
Music is such a wonderful thing to reach out to people and just make them happy in such a short time!
Here are some pictures quickly made yesterday...

Outfit details:
oversized blazer - h&m
fringe shirt - handmade 
shorts - Gina Tricot / modified 
shades and belt - vintage
jewelry - vintage / h&m
parka - brother's
shoes - clarks