22. April 2012

Mr. Big

Hey lovely readers.
Long time, no see- I'm back, finally!
As I mentioned before, I had to work far to much on my mid-term exam. That's the reason why I wasn't online for blogging for quite a long time.
My theme for the exam was to mix the Haute Couture fashion of the 1950's with the South-american tratitions and music. Thankful to create my own theme and interpretation, I've made 2 wonderful outfits. A corsage- dress with a fun petticoat, and a really chic cocktaildress with a classy button tab and a wonderful showy coverdress, which stays stiffy on top...
How it ended up? I passed it and am so excited that my outfits worked out that well. A little collection is coming up til summer and I create a showroom to show you guys my works.
A lot is coming up...
Remember my post a few weeks ago, when I was talking about a great opportunity for a tv channel?
Guess what, Its out on air by now- just click on the picture below.
Click on "Mode zum Selbermachen" to watch the stream:

It was a really fun day and a great experience for the two of us. Thank you ZDF!
Have fun watching it!

Love & Peace, Betty

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