24. Juli 2012

Summer Journal >>> Introduction

long time no post! 
I know, it's been a couple of weeks where I didn't post. It has been crazy weeks, where I had way to many things to organize... 
I'm finally back in the States and so happy to have a wonderful summer with good people, who gave me such good opportunities the past few years. They have become part of my family and I feel like I'm having 4 little siblings in their kids. This year, I was invited over to spend my summer vacation with them and happy to say that I've loved each day of it so far. The next weeks, you gonna be a part of my Summer Journal, which includes for example:


My trip to New York began July 11th. I took the train to Frankfurt Airport early in the morning to catch a flight to Geneva, switzerland. Happy do have the first 2 parts of a long journey behind, I had to wait a long time at the Gate. Nothing was organized there, so they pushed the passengers from one side to the other to get their flight informations. Finally in the plane, I had no doubts about anything. The people were nice, the food was really good ( usually the air- food isn't that tasty, right?!) and the comfort was great! You could totally stay there for around 9 hours and be comfy with your surroundings!
Arrived in JFK, the only thing I had to do was to catch up my rental car and take that 3 hour drive to my summer-home in Upstate New York. Love to drive the highways up here, because the nature is just so wonderful and it makes me so happy to know the area still, even if I come back here just once a year. :) 

This picture of me with that giant cup of frozen yogurt was taken around at 16 Handles. A friend and I had so much fun to make our very own mix of different frozen yogurt types and- of course- lots of toppings!! 
Sunday: Funday! 

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