15. November 2012

Amsterdam Getaway

About exactly a year ago, I took the train up to visit my good friend, Aranka, near Amsterdam.
We have met in 2008 while we were working together at the Coca-Cola Company. After graduation from school I wanted to work for about 3month somewhere, where I actually earn some good money and get to know some big business. 
The close Coca- Cola Company seemed to be a great opportunity to have a great schedule and a closer look into a business which is well known everywhere in ther world. After about 2weeks working there, Aranka came in and was told to work with me over summer. I was really happy, cause it got kinda boring doing everything on my own, almost not talking to anybody. She and I got friends right away and were working together as a team like nothing.
After our time was over as some Cokegirls, we couldn't see eachother for over a year, cause I left the country for my very new adventure of being an AuPair. Since I'm back, we both talk once in a while over all sorts of social medias and still talk like always. Even if we don't see eachother that often because of the distance, we try to connect as often as possible. I guess this is called a "real friendship", which you just dont find that often out there. 
Anyways, I found these few pictures of our visit for half a day in the city of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Enjoy.

2 Kommentare:

  1. I just found you through twitter and I love your pictures. I was in Amsterdam 8 years ago and I still remember how much I loved it!

  2. Eine wirklich wunderbare Stadt <3 Klasse Aufnahmen :>