21. Mai 2012

This week's quote: carpe diem

I was just talking to a friend and figured out that its sometimes tough to use each day perfectly.
There are times or moments, where you just want to do nothing special exept watching tv or reading a magazin- but it that not useful?!
It helps your body relax and your mind handling all your thoughts. So useful in a way.
As long as your other works won't stay still, don't worry about having some moments of doing nothing special.
For me, I love watching tv. Try to combine it with arts and crafts though.
That brings me right to the weekend. The vest I'm wearing in the picture below is one of my lovely fleamarket founds and it was way to big and boring before. Cutting the sides and putting them back together was all I had to do to make it perfectly fit.
Found some fabric leftovers in my little box and some lace doilies around and handsewed them right where they matched. Earring and ring and selfmade, too. I thought its a perfect match all together.
I am so in love with my new wardrobe pieces. Some more pieces will follow soon ...

By the way, I owe you a big apology about the quality of my last shots- this camera is not the best :( time to get a new one!


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