14. Mai 2012

this weeks' quote: keep smiling!

What a wonderful day today. Lots of sun, but allergies all around :( Not so good. They knock me out each year around this season and make me wanna do legally nothing. Don't want to let that happen, so I get a little nap each day to get back all that energie. It helps, even if I feel like a baby who needs its naptime. ^^

This weeks quote is: keep smiling! It doesn't matter whats gonna happen, try to start it with a smile.

I am so happy to pronounce that Im gonna be in the states again this summer! Yaay- cannot wait to see my friends and spend lots of time with the kids again. I'm missing them way to much and wish I'd have them around. So I def. need to make a list full of fun activities for summertime. My presents gonna be selfmade clothes. For me, there is nothing better than to do kids clothes. Already found some great fabrics during the year- just need to get the special cuttings. In love already!

Love & Peace, Betty

DIY oversized shirt
feather necklace by Kleiderkreisel

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