13. November 2012

carnival in cologne

Oh what a fun weekend. I just came home from a really fun and creative weekend at my friends house in cologne. Every years there is a huge party all over the city to celebrate "carnival" or as you might know it as "mardi gras". Its a fun spectacle where we all dress up and go as something or somebody different. Usually the whole group interpretes the same topic just as this year, where we all went as "dia de los muertos- dolls".
To be honest, we didnt plan it that much this year, cause we were all super busy and didnt have that much money to spend for just a day. It turned out to be a really fun idea and the people around had a fun time looking at us as nice girls first, then turning around and kinda shock them by looking so different.
Well, the real carnival comes up next year and it'll go for about 5 days dressed up as whatever you feel like and having fun with tons of people listening to local music. 
On one of these pictures you might questioning yourself, who is that guy in the middle... well, thats our great friend, who came to visit us for a couple of days. Amazing surprise for us, cause we not get the chance to see him that often. Thanks for that great time guys

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