7. November 2012

Wednesday quote

Time for my weeks quote.
My alarm went at around 4am this morning to remind me to follow the U.S. election on television. 
Half asleep when the news popped up. Relieved and super tired, I fell back to sleep again and was dreaming about the time I actually was part of the States. Exactly 4 years ago I could follow the election of the (now!) second time winning president and totally got caught by the atmosphere. I could see people taking sides between the 2 fronts by showing big posters in their windows, while I was taking my daily walk with the babies. Having plenty of stickers on their cars or wearing Tshirts with statements. Being part of a college program with people all over the world talking about the states, the language, traditions, food, culture and the history, made me feel more curious about the country.
This important year for myself and then this changing election was a great combination, because everything seems to be so new to me. 
Thinking about that amazing time - which I do at least once a day!- I couldnt help myself looking at all the pictures and papers I've made and collected during this year. 
Tears, Happiness, Laugh. I've passed all these stages all at once. This always happens when I look at the pictures and the great time we've had. 

Well, here is my wednesquote for you. Shakespeare. Photo was taken on Route1 back in 2009.

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