28. November 2012

Wednesday quote

photo has been taken on Route 1, California back in 2009
I've chose this quote today, because time has been passing by super fast these days for me.
The amazing colorful autumn days are over and weather has changed into a cold and dusty atmosphere,
not yet winter wonderland.
I try to make each moment special and useful, but I kinda see myself once in a while just laying in bed covered in blankets and watching TV, cause its just so relaxing. Some hot tea and warm lights make my day perfect then. 
Thoughts coming up in my mind and I try to reflect some projects I'm working on.
Even if it seems to be waisting time, I gain more energie and allow myself to just enjoy the pre- christmastime. 
Time is passing by way to fast sometimes and it totally makes me nervous thinking about the things I could have done. 
While writing about it, energie and motivation comes back and I'm planning the rest of the week.
Tomorrow I'll be shooting a little TV spot again for this local channel. This time not about haircuts and stylings, its about what to wear when you're having a day out in the snow and go for a sleigh ride. 
I think it's gonna be a fun day interviewing the german olympia winner in skeleton.
Friday is also planned quiet good. My day will start by being in school working on my fashion collection for women over 50. Its really tough if you have just 3 colors to work with, but also a really amazing challenge. 
Anyhow, I'll catch up with my friends later to get ready for the Florence and the Machine concert at night!!
Cant wait to see her live again. The tickets have been waiting here for such a long time now... :)

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  1. Hey :) auf meinem Blog verlose ich immoment zweimal Gutschein von Firmoo, einen Shop mit Damen,Sonnen,Designerbrillen und vielen mehr im Wert von 250!
    Ich würde mich freuen wenn du dran teilnimmst und vielleicht mit ein bisschen Glück,einer der zwei Gewinner bist :)
    *Hier gehts zum Gewinnspiel*
    Viel glück und liebste grüße,Carla-Laetitia :)