1. August 2011


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Route 1 caught us! 
This incredible route should connect our first stop with the second one: Los Angeles.

Well, after spending a few days in San Fransisco, taking Route 1 was the best decision, we've made. 
This amazing little Street right next to the pacific ocean is incredible! You'll get the very dry landscape on one side and the kloof on the other. Think about putting gas in your car before you'll take that trip. ;-)
Anyway, a few hours and some stops to get a beautiful view later, we've passed San Simeon, a tiny town with one great thing: the Hearst Castle
A sleepover and a good breakfast made us strong enough to get back to the route for around 4 hours. 
It got warmer, the closer we got there. Being prepared to see everything you usually see in TV and full of energy, we passed Malibu. A little strip right next to the ocean. Sure, a few- minutes- stop had to happen.
Actually, this stay was pretty touristic. Another cuple of days in a city like LA keeps you busy. Driving from A to B takes a long time, even if you know, where to drive. Our Hotel in West Hollywood got us the opportunity to get to the famous Boulevards pretty fast, at least. So we took the car every single day. It was kinda fun to start the day by driving to places we found on the map and don't even know, how we've got there not to mention how we've found the way back home! It got us the opportunity to see other things than the must- see. Having fun in the sun every single day should be our slogan.
Of course we had to get one of these StarMaps to visit the Hills. It was hilarious to finally recognize, that this was a trip of driving through pretty, clean neighbourhoods where you actually just see the front doors and some roofs. Anyway, we've had a blast by using our imagination and make some stories up ;-).
A good tip: Take Route 1 down, starting from Santa Monica to Newport Beach. Take a risk and go off of this Route several times. For example in Long Beach, you'll gonna find the Queen Mary at the Port. You also can grab some nice food on the way. You'll find anything you like...

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