1. August 2011

San Francisco, baby!

© Betty K.

First stop: the city by the bay.
San Francisco is for me one of the loveliest cities in the world.  An up and down walking through seems to make you dizzy and confusing.  A great driving through the city is perfect for a short time visit. Easy to find places and really nice people make you feel welcomed and curious about living with the hills. (Imagine to bicycle these ups and downs!) Our Hotel is placed on Lombard. This Zick-zack shaped street is quite a weird one, but you'll get a nice view on top. A must see is the bay area at Fisherman's Wharf. Little souvenier shops next to/ on top of some Piers. The smell gets worse, the closer you go to Pier 39. You may think you'll find a hand full of sea lions, but actually the population can increase up to 900 in wintertime. Incredible!
Its just a few minutes drive to get to the Presidio of San Fran. A really nice Park right next to the Golden Gate Bridge. Driving through this calm, relaxing area with the windows wide open is such an experience. The scent of rosemary and some other undefined herbs mixed with the salty sea brise: A poetry- I literly fell in love!
On the other side of the bridge, you'll find a cute little town with a beautiful picturesque view of the city.
Some nice placed restaurants and sidewalk cafées invite you to have some drinks and good food while being stunned.
The Botanical Garden, the De Young Museum and the Chinese Pavillion are def. places to visit, too. Even when you are in between the streets of San Fransisco, you'll dont get the impression. The Golden Gate Park is a quiet place to hang out. There are many little things to explore and a few gardens to see. I was really impressed by the Japanese Tea Garden, cause its such well- formed and clean.
Ashbury Haights- THE place you'll need to go for Fashion! All these crazy colored shops and this amazing bohemian ambience make you feel like you're back in the 60's ( in my imagination at least ;-))

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  1. San Francisco is next to NYC my favorite city in the US. Haight Ashury is sooooo cool! You're right you feel a little bit like in the 60's.
    xx sophia