1. August 2011

What happens in Vegas...

... stays in Vegas?
© Betty K.

A couple of days in Sin City is a MUST. One Street full of Hotels and little attractions make you feel like you're in a Theme Park. Lights and People everywhere.
"A little boys dream was to sleep in a castle with lots of Towers and a beautiful view over his own landscape..."
Well in that case, we got a 20year old who stayed with her sister in a Hotel in shape of a castle with the view of the Strip of Las Vegas. I thought, as a surprise for his 20th Bday, it was an affectionately thought. ;-)
As a gift, I got two tickets to so a helicopter tour from the Hotel to the famous Grand Canyon.
Totally curious and nervous we've got picked up by a driver to bring us to the helicopter airport near the strip. Never took a helicopter tour before, so didn`t know what to expect. Outside a really dry heat and inside a defect air condition made the start pretty scary. But when we got that beautiful view all over L.V. and Lake Mead, the excitement turned a little down, so that we could actually enjoy that flight.
Ah, I got all the pictures in my head right now...
Along the Lake and the Hoover Dam, we could see the Colorado River and as we've passed it, we flew over the transparent border to Arizona. We've passed the Grand Ganyon Skywalk and finally landed actually IN the Canyon! Yeah, thats true. It was a rocky place just big enough to land 3 helicopters right next to the River. Champagne and some snacks got us drunk within a minute. This heat is incredible down there! ;-)
Anyway, the heli took us back home a little while later. This flight got us so many impressions of a weird place in the desert. A beautiful landscape without humans, right next to a City full of energy and water- consumers next to green gardens and parks. Don't really know, what to think about that though...

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