17. Oktober 2012

wednesday quote

Good morning everyone,
since the last few days were full of rain and cold weather, I didnt feel like taking outfit posts at all. I try to find a good spot around the house, but am not really successful here. Still on my way of finding a little corner to have a constant background. Anyway, I've found this quote today. It makes me think a lot about my dreams and their possible meanings. It drives me crazy waking up with a dream where I totally remember all the details. The first awake moments are so confusing to me and I try to figure out if its reality or just a wierd dream. Its actually really fun to see how confusing I can be because of something like a dream. They say dreams come from your subconscious mind. Where your mind tries to handle your activities and thoughts.
Well this quote comes straight to the point. Dreams just verify your character. Thats maybe why they are so important to us and why we are happy, if we can remember them. Ok, nightmares wake you up in the middle of the night and make you really upset or scared of something which may never happen. But still, we are in a bad mood and have hard times to fall back asleep again. But still, we try to turn our dream-story around to come to a happy end, cause we are afraid of waking up again.
But to come to the positiv part again, dreaming helps you eighter way. A daydream is something so nice and relaxing and helps you focus on something you like. I love to daydream once in a while. Thoughts about future, new ideas, positiv happenings or travelling. Recreational, thats what it is.
What do you think about dreams? Do they help you sometimes drealing with situations or just make you happy cause you'll be in a whole nother world?!

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