8. März 2012

DIY- crocheted bracelets

Its time for DIY!
I was laying in bed, having a cold and sick of watching TV. Thought about doing something creative, without leaving my comfy zone. So this is, what I came up with and ever since, I crochet these bracelets in any colors. Kinda like the non- shiny part of it and a perfect alternative match with my old bracelets.

You'll need:
  • embroidery thread
  • some old bracelets (color doesn't matter!)
  • a crochet hook 
Here is how you start:
Choose a color of your yarn and a bracelet and make a knot around it. You should have a little strap around the bracelet. Get your crochet hook and start chrocheting around the bracelet:

get the long yarn from below and pull your crochet hook up again.
You'll have now two straps around the hook:
take the yarn again and pull it back through the two straps. Its important to hold the yarn and the bracelet tight, so the result will be right around the bracelet.

It looks like you've braided your bracelet. When you'll come to the end, you gonna twist it around a little, so that the design changes a little. 
many, many bracelets for long roadtrips, train rides or for just as pastime.

Love & Peace, Betty

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  1. hey:) ich bin zufällig auf deinen Blog gestoßen und finde ihn wirklich super. Ich bin sofort Leser geworden. Weiter so:)