16. März 2012

Isn't it wonderful to enjoy the first sunbeams on your skin?
I tell you, for me its the most wonderful thing! It has been a really tough week for me. 3 days of working, doing lots of stuff for my studies and to actually sew a really nice pleated- front pants. 
And today was the day of all days:
A friend and I got a special opportunity to work for a famous tv- channel all day long. "DIY- for kids" should be our topic. Being in front of the camera and been told what to do and say is quite a wierd feeling. But becides that, we had lots of fun. This TV- people are so nice and totally understandingly that we are no pros! Thank you, for giving us the opportunity to show the world how creative everyone can be just like that!
After that busy week full of "way too less time!" Its gonna be a special weekend. I plan to work on my figurines and do a little summer collection- at least on paper ;)
What are your plans? Sun equals fun?!

Love & Peace, Betty

2 Kommentare:

  1. TV Channel??? Bettüüü :D Ich liebe das Wetter :)

    1. KIKA ;) lovin the weather, too! Next week- fleamarket??