20. März 2012

Outfit 1 to 3

This post should be about 3 outfits I created with stylefruits. I thought about something wearable for 3 locations:

1. daily outfit
2. roadtrip
3. cocktail- party

Outfit number one:
A lovely maxi skirt combined with a wonderful patterned white shirt. Along with some beautiful big jewelry in golden/brownish tones and a nice hat, which should keep your head protected from the heat.
Colors which goes with that: orange, brown and blue. 
That outfit is perfect for a nice brunch with your friends and a great shopping-tour. These shoes won't make your feed be comfy all day long.

Outfit number two:
All you'll need is a white shirt and a great fitted shorts. A bikini under isn't just comfy, it is useful for a roadtrip to the beach. With these great accessorices, you'll be perfectly dressed all day long. In the car, a train, at the beach, along the pier or to complete your special day full of impressions in a pub. 

Outfit number 3:
got one of these special- invitations?
Well, with that great summer- outfit you'd be perfectly dressed for one.
A maxi- dress in coral/ white/ turqouise pimped up with your favorite coral-toned high heels and some matching jewelry and purse. You'll be prepared for a little chill with a plain white, knitted cardigan.

I totally would wear all of these outfits. Love the mix of being casual and chic at the same time, just by mix&match the items. Can't wait to have summer and feel the warmness. The colors you see, are my favorites for spring/summer and I think they'll make your brown hair/ skin look even more healthy :-P

Love & Peace, Betty

2 Kommentare:

  1. am meisten gefallen mir die apricot-farbenen heels. in die hab ich mich SOFORT verliebt :-)
    xoxoxo jana & blog

  2. Hey es läuft gerade ein gewinnspiel bei mir, schau mal vorbei :)