5. Mai 2012

green corduroy

Having a rainy weekend makes you eigther really tired or totally creative.
Nothing to say against laying in bed, having your favorite tee and watching tv or reading a good book all day long. But I always feel really guilty, when I do nothing.
Working in my studio all the time, makes it look totally chaotic after a while. So it wasn't just my bedroom, which needed to be cleaned! 
So my todays do was to get a big and solid shelf for all my fabrics and accessorices and to arrange everything into boxes. I love to do that, so I get new inspiration and get the feeling of starting something new.

This outfit below is one of my favorites right now. I usually don't wear pants that often. But this special one is handmade. It was one of my semester works, to create a fun and wearable pair of pants. This is, what I came up with. A 70's inspired and really comfortable to wear pants. The fabric is called "corduroy".

Corduroy is also the name of a really cute children's book. Its about a little teddy, who lives in a departmentstore. Its from Don Freeman, written in 1968. 
Its such a cute book with a good message, for all the kids (and big kids!!) out there. 

pants:handmade/vest:forever21/shirt & belt:vintage/accessorices:Accessorize

Love & Peace, Betty

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  1. Toller Stil und Wirklich schöner Blog!schau doch mal bei mir vorbei , vielleicht hast du ja lust auf gegenseitiges verfolgen!?

    liebste Grüße Marie