28. Mai 2012

This week's quote: activate your soul

Yesterday, we did a little roadtrip through the national park area around and found such great places.
Lakes, fields and nice little roads inbetween. It always reminds me that my wanderlust can becalmed by just driving somewhere through nature. At least at this time of the year. Good music and a cool drink are always part of our trips and not to forget the camera. 
A perfect match to get your mind cleaned and open for something new.
That brings me right to my week's quote. It should be about getting active and listening to your soul. I still got some projects to finish and since weather is so inspiring sunny, Im gonna make this week about flowing things around.
A ccomplish                        
 C reativity                       
T iming                    
   I nvestigate         
                          V iew                                    
                                  A ttraction                             
             T aste        
                    E xperience

These are my weeks words I guess. At the end of the week, Im gonna let you know, in which ways I could fulfill them and how I've interpred them.

Outfit details:
dress - monsoon Accessorize
hat - vintage
jewelry - Accessorize
feather necklace - handmade
nailpolish - vintage 

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  1. What beautiful photos! And the quote will stay with me as I go about my own week. Thank you for sharing.