11. Mai 2012

weekend- do: enjoy the moment

this weekend is all about enjoying the moment! Having a rainy weather forecast makes me wanna do something enjoyable at home. Making some tea, baking a wonderful mothers- day cake (or in my case cookies or muffins), and getting out all my crafts to create something new. 
On my list: some cute girls clothes. A dress and a skirt for my babysitting kids' birthdays for example.
I found that really nice quote on we heart it and loved it immediately. Even if I'm a positive- minded person, I feel like sometimes forgetting the things which really matters in my life.

What are you going to do this weekend?

drawing: Betty K. / quote: we heart it

Whatever it is: ENJOY EACH MOMENT
Love & Peace, Betty

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  1. du hast da ja mal einen supersüßen blog..:)!
    Ich hab dich gleich mal mit GFC gefolgt:)