13. Juni 2012

perfectly organized


Since last weekend was about a great roadtrip with some really good friends in combination with a special birthday party and a little festival around. What a wonderful getaway for just 3 days. Definitly could have stay longer at that beautiful place, where was so much to talk and catch up about. Sad to say, but back home now and right back into the daily adventures of life. Well, just for that week to be honest. I would like to tell you more about it as soon as I'll get back from... ITALY
I have to organize lots of things right now. University, sewing projects I'm working on and some family time can't get lost on my way. And of course, I have to be organized during that time. I plan to create a nice chalk board to add all my personal "to- do's", like Design, my blog,life or just notes which should not be missing, like family meetings, and lot more to think about. That is a good way to get focused immediately, I would say! So for me a new good thought to work on!
It's gonna be a wonderful experience for me, but more about it soon! Need to keep it secretly and exciting somehow ;)
Between all that, I had some minutes off to get some fabrics. Lovely ones for the little pumpkins in my family. All about sailors for the baby boy and flowers for the little girl. I know, what a cliché! But everytime way too cute to go around. Have some simply, but lovely ideas to start my next project about kids clothes.

A wonderful day to you all,

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