6. Juni 2012

wednesday quote

... well that's a plan, isn't it?? 
This week started kind of busy for me. A lot of paperwork and some work around the house made my week pretty boring so far. That's gonna change tomorrow! 
My good friend C. and I planned a little trip to visit our lovely J near Frankfurt. 
We can't wait to see her after over a year now. It's not because we don't want to: no! 
Our lovely J. is a little globetrotter, and always somewhere else. So pretty hard to catch up. 
But as soon as she gets back home for visit, we finally see each others again. 
Because this week has not started with a quote, which makes me turn turn this one into my actually daily one (Or at least my weekends')! 
Anyway, I won't write you guys until the end of this week- just that you know ;) aaaand: new pics are gonna come up as soon as possible. 
Enjoy your week/-end and GO SOMEWHERE!

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