28. Juni 2012

Torino, Italy

Hello lovely readers,
I'm back home now and totally overwhelmed by all these amazing impressions of a city like this.
I've been on a weekly workshop in a wonderful old city in the north of Italy, called Torino.
6 people from Germany got the opportunity to work together with some great people on some projects about the Performing Now Festival 2012. (The link for the ones, who are interested in reading more...)
So we got the opportunity to take a closer look into some really interesting topics, like cinema, theatre, modern dance, costume etc. Each day, there was something new to focus on. Trying to find some different inspiration was one of my goals and totally could fulfill them by just watching. The modern dance group was one of my favorites. These guys dance since they've been little kids and still have that ultimate passion of moving their bodies to such a wonderful music. They have been impressed me and made me think about another point of view when it comes to life/nude drawings...
© Betty K.

© Betty K.
There is so much to see besides the workshops. A walk through the city centre has been a MUST and gave us some more impressions of beautiful Torino. So many french influences can be seen at the houses along the piazzas. I have a marked preference for balconies and was really happy to see that many different ones everywhere my head turned. We were hanging out around the area of "Piazza Vittorio Veneto", which is right in the middle of some good locations. The Murazzi Student Zone is a fun place to be before partying. Having some drinks and listening to some great acts each night is so wonderful right next to the "Po- River". Definitly a place to be at least once to see the view of the other side of the city. So much more to tell about the sights- dont even know, where to go on...
Check out this webside, to find out more about Torino
I mean, italian food is quiet the best- but the handmade Icecream over there is something so good, I dont even have words for it. Rich, tasty, creamy... just totally delicious! Miss trying all the different flavours.
Anyway, here are some impressions of the wonderful Torino. This time mostly taken by a friend.

Good memories

© Betty K.
© Betty K.

I ♥ Torino 

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