14. Februar 2012

Happy Valentine's day

Today about three years ago, I had a wonderful day with some friends in Manhattan.
We got a ticket for the NYC Couture Fashion week. One of my biggest dreams was about to come true and we went shopping to get THE BEST OUTFIT ever for that special day in the City. I decided to go for the 50's look and got a really pretty flower cocktail dress. Along with some pearls and high heels. This day was amazing. Not just because we got a great ticket for the Waldorf Astoria, we met a guy, who gave us the opportunity to get some seats right between the press! Enough? No! We got balcony seats right next to people who spent a fortune to get that chance or are invited personally by the designers.
Well, sometimes you just need some German Kinderschokolade to pay the bills ;)

Happy Valentine's day my friends

Love & Peace, Betty

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