18. Februar 2012

knit the wit

I know, I just started doing the "weekend- do's" but since the last one last month I've been busy working on my studies. Even if its Carneval over here, I work on some outfits for my mid-terms. Dont worry, Im gonna post the 1950s inspired dresses as soon as they went through the runway ;)
Folklore inspires me a lot right now. Traditions and colors go through my head and I try to find good ways to mix them. I've found a really amazing knitted hoodie and fell immediately in love with it.
I think a DIY knitted piece is a really great and useful gift for your bff's. Ok, it doesnt have to be like that one, but you can start with a scarf and do something around it to make it very special. Don't know how to sew?? Check out this website to learn the basics or just go ask mommy or granny- almost all grandmas know how to sew ;)
And go visit raww, her blog is really inspiring!!

Love & Peace, Betty

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