12. Februar 2012

through the woods

Its hard for me to pose for photos. Never know how to look! This blog is a good opportunity to get the feeling of beeing a model, even though I know, I do NOT have the measures of one. But its still fun and gives me the opportunity to show you my style and the stuff I am sewing. DIY projects are the bloggers favorites and inspires me every time.

Below you see 2 double- pics from me taken in the woods near where I live. I wear a DIY high-low skirt with a fleamarket found- shirt. A leather jacket and some DIY boots. As Accessoires I go for feathers and a brown belt with a golden belt-buckle and a golden bracelet.
DIY projects are coming up.

Love & Peace, Betty

sorry for that quality ;)

2 Kommentare:

  1. Das erste Bild mit der Sonne ist total schön!!<3

  2. love this mirrored pictures! got a new follower, madame! come and say hi sometime! <3