24. Februar 2012

weekend- do

This time, I wanna work on some special things for my room and my studio. You probably have the same problems having way too much stuff for too little space. I need to get my jewelry and all these fabrics and crafting things organized, before I start working on other projects. 
Since I have to babysit tomorrow, I thought doing some crafts with the kids would be a great idea and found some really cool things to work on for some spring-fun together. I think, these two little ladies gonna be all excited about it- cause they are really creative with me all the time.
Painting was one of my hobbies for so many years, but since I got so many other stuff to do, I kinda lost the passion. So on this weekend- do you'll read paint! as my pledge. ;)
enjoy your weekend and let me know about your "weekend- do's",

Love & Peace, Betty

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  1. can't wait to see the DIY's! should also spend some more time on doing some myself!