2. Juni 2012

Rock am Ring

Hey little Rockers,
my week has been really successful in a lot of ways. I could fulfill a lot of to-do's, which def. needed to be done and found some inspiration in gardening,crafting, music and people. Last weeks quote "activate your soul" gave me the opportunity to really listen to what I want to do and what makes me happy. A wake- up call yesterday early morning made me so happy. Cause it said: Wake up- today is the day, where you'll go to "Rock am Ring"- yippii!! I got a spontaneous opportunity to spend a day at this awesome festival. Weather was great and people were just happy to be there. It was so funny to see, that the coachella- festival- style has arrived here in germany. Lots of hair accessories (for men, too!) and some great styled people were dancing to great acts like "The subways / Gossip / Cypress Hill / Marilyn Manson / Kasabian / Guano Apes/ and Linkin Park". Stunning to see them act on stage totally professional and still super easy going. Loved it!
Music is such a wonderful thing to reach out to people and just make them happy in such a short time!
Here are some pictures quickly made yesterday...

Outfit details:
oversized blazer - h&m
fringe shirt - handmade 
shorts - Gina Tricot / modified 
shades and belt - vintage
jewelry - vintage / h&m
parka - brother's
shoes - clarks

3 Kommentare:

  1. Oh wie gerne wäre ich bei euch gewesen <3

  2. AWWW I like your Outfit, and your Photos :)

  3. Oh man! Ich will da auch hin...aber ich darf nich:( sieht genial aus! und dein Ourfit gefällt mir auch richtig gut:)