14. Oktober 2012

hidden behind a kaleidoscope

This weekend was really fun for many reasons. I was having that promotion thing for 2 days. 
Totally nervous and super exciting what to expect I was welcomed by these super nice and all so different customers. Talking about organic fruits and veggies and serving selfmade guacamole (Oh, how I love to eat it!!) was so good and made me really happy to see, that people -especially young families- really try to think about the backgrounds of their food. That topic has been in the news for so many bad reasons and yet not all of the organic brands are really organic. So why not really give it a try and give the real once your trust?!
Anyway, it has been great and the people who worked with me or next to me as a promotion- lady were just so lovely and we became good colleagues right away.
Today I was really not getting any pictures done. So I chose that older one to show you today. Its an image of a kaleidoscope combined with one pic of me from my last shooting in the woods. For some reasons I really see myself in it. Dreaming, inspiring, creating and hiding behind my work. I hate to be in the spotlight. I like to do so many things where I love when people notice, but please dont put me in the spotlight! This blog is spotlight enough- here I really enjoy to try something new and to play to the gallery... 

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