11. Oktober 2012

Indian summer

The first leaves just fall and the air turned from summer heat into that really fresh coldness.
Autumn just came and welcomed us with amazing colors. The atmosphere is quite amazing and everybody seems to take more walks outside to be refreshed and to give their minds some new inspiration.
Today Im gonna go for a long walk and stop by in the city to get some things done, like visiting the bank, get some beauty supplies and maybe catching up with my good friend Lea, to have some tea followed by chatting about life, studies and of course have some girls talk. 
Yesterday was such a calm day. I started with reading some articles about organic food and ended up reading a fun book about an indian-american girl, who deals with religion, family wierdness and her life.
That book is so nice to just relax and not think about anything. Entertaining in a fun way. 
With that new gained energie, I had to do something creative and active. I was drawing, painting and finally cleaning up my room to rearrange it later. I've turned the radio on and was singing along each song I knew.
Man, what a fun that was and so vitalizing! ;)
Anyways, the pictures below were taken last sunday outside near home. I am wearing a pair of flares by forever21 combined with a mustard yellow colored plain shirt from h&m. This amazing poncho is from six/beeline, where I've got it 50% off! Its so cosy and warming and with the oversized hood just perfect for fall. The feathers hair ribbon you see was a birthday girft of my good friends, who used the native american culture as their topic for my special day. Thank you <3

3 Kommentare:

  1. Das erste Foto ist ja zauberhaft! <3

  2. ich liebe diesen poncho! ich komm und klau ihn. nachts.

    du hast nun übrigens einen neuen leser, ist das nicht fantastisch? ;)

    bonnie + kleid

  3. Wunderschöne Fotos, du siehst toll aus! :-)