30. Juni 2012

and the sun goes down

Here you see one of my fovorite outfits for early summer. A all over printed midi dress in combination with my new lovely shoes a la 70's. Same toned shades and silver jewelry. Usually I would not combine silver tones with a warm toned outfit, but this time it actually works good together.
This weather makes you wanna explore your surroundings quite a lot. As I've told you these days, I started my very own herb garden and so happy to tell you, that I've already used the little leaves for a wonderful pasta sauce italien style. Torino is still in my head and makes me want to eat italian food each day. The sun, the warm feeling and the people are just so hearted and welcomed, even if you sometimes feel like an all over tourist, who really does not speak italian. Grazie! > Prego! > Scusi!
I have a to do list to finish during this weekend and the next week, which includes sewing again. I've started a little kids collection last year for my former AuPair kids. It was so much fun to start something so fun and could see it worn by such beautiful creatures! The same procedure this year: a fun and easy kids collection has to be ready in about 8 days. Some comfy fabrics in combination of cute&easy cuttings is my idea to make some unique and wearable clothes to be worn everyday.
At the end of these 8 days, I'm gonna show you each piece...

enjoy your hopefully sunny and warm weekend

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  1. sehr schöne schuhe♥
    hast du interesse daran das ich dich zu meinem blogroll hinzufüge?
    dann klick hier♥
    würde mich freuen!

  2. I love everything on your outfit! Your rings are amazing! :)

  3. wundervolle Bilder! wunderbares Outfit:)