22. Oktober 2012

Inspirational artwork

Monday is almost over and must say, a wonderful start of the week aswell.
It all started with a wonderful song in the jukebox, called "you and I"(click) from Ingrid Michaelson, an oh so lovely singer and songwriter from NY. Her music is really catchy and especially this song caught me a while ago, while dreaming of a kids camp owened by me and a good friend. I thought it somehow fits and I made it into the song I need to hear as my alarm clock each morning! It works just great and the morning starts with something so sweet. What kind of alarm sounds do you guys have??
So staying at the trainstation (which is an open space, from where u see the fields) waiting made me fall into a daydream scenario full of ideas for the week. Fabric shopping, sewing on some projects and finally getting them all placed nicely to take a pic to show you guys.
As soon as I arrived at my school, I was surprised to see so many new people sitting there smiling at me. Oops, I totally forgot that the new semester started today and everybody is waiting to have their first meeting in our circle. This first week of each semester is always a week full of projects.
I luckily could choose an Adobe Illustrator one, where Im gonna start from the very beginning now. I know, there are so many creative heads out there who know how to work with it since... forever.
Not me! I took a little course over a year ago and loved it. But as Im not the best in dealing with the computer things, I didnt do anything for a long time. Sad, but oh well, another year another chance, right!?
I have so many figurines drawed by me, but never used the programms to go crazy with combining and illustrating. There are so simple now, but with the right know- how on Illustrator I'm gonna change this soon! ;)
Check out these pics I've found on the world wide web. This amazing artwork is from Stina Persson, a creative soul from sweden. Find more about her on here

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