9. Oktober 2012

spirit of enterprise

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Today I woke up with so much energy I couldnt believe it. Took the car at 7:30am and dropped of my brother at the train station. On my way back I was listening to Asaf Avidan's song "one day"  and immediately good a great mood. While making dance moves in the car (you guys might do the same, while listening to a catching song like that!?) I was thinking whats on my todays list. Two weeks vacation can be so great to actually work on something uninterrupted. As for example creating a very own fashion collection for an amazing event coming up next year.
I've had an appointment this morning to see the doctor, too. Nothing special, just needed a health certificate for a job. Its a 2 day promotion for a company which sells organic fruits and veggies. I'm kinda excited about it and reading a lot lately about this topic. Don't really know what to think about these veggie brands, cause when it comes to transportation its kinda conflicting.
This company really makes sure, that everybody gets some education about organic food and why we should buy and support it! More about that this weekend.
So after visiting the doc, I went to a new opened studio near the doctor's office just to get an impression of the rooms and trainers there. What a nice, familiar welcoming. These guys seem to know what they are doing ( I hate trainers, who just think about profit and how they look with their muscles!) and gave me a 3times- free card to enter some courses to see if I would like it. I registered for a hatha yoga course tonight right away. Now I'm really looking forward to it and hope, its something Im falling for.

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