8. Oktober 2012

sunbeams and morning light

A wonderful good morning to you all,
Im finally back with my new blog design and quite happy about it. You should know, Im not good in programming at all and it took me forever to create everything. Learning by doing is the motto!
Its been a while again, since I post. Actually, my last post was on my birthday- yaay.
September is such a busy month here, almost everybody in my family celebrates his/her birthday and we all come together at least on each one once. That means, we have several brunches, tea times and dinners together and still lot to chat about. I would call it a strong family spirit, cause when it comes to something important, they are all there for eachother, like it has to be. Besides that feasting, I had to have some changes in my life. That summer sickness is finally gone and I am myself again! I really had some struggle dealing with that body change to be honest and was def. not in the mood for outfit posts. Coming back to normal, I had to take some wonderful short trips to clean up my mind. I've spend a day around watching nature and another one walking through the woods in the netherlands. And finally got my hair dip dyed permanently.
Last weekend started with catching up with good friends in the city. Trying to find some henna and haircolor for a typical beauty night and slumber party. What fun we've had by chatting and being all together again.
Totally relieved and relaxed and full of ideas to start this new, free week!

1 Kommentar:

  1. meine liebe
    sehr schön hast du das gemsacht...
    weiß nicht sollte ich aun englisch schreiben???
    besser nicht :)
    so nun bin ich gespannt auf fotos mit neuen HAAAAREN
    küsse aufs schöne gesicht