28. Oktober 2012

daylight saving

Time has changed. This last week and also first week back to school really kept me busy. As I've mentioned before, I was struggeling with Illustrator and switching between my Ipad and my brothers laptop constantly. He is the only one who has that needed program and was really kind giving me his laptop to work on my duty. By friday all was done and I finally had time to finish some projects, like sewing some hemlines, finishing some fashion drawings and just organizing my laptop by creating new folders.

At the end of each semester, there is a fashion show of the students who got their degrees in fashion design. As so friday night. A really engaged semester of about nine students created tha amazing show and made me realize that its what I aim for. This fashion industry is such a tough one, where you sometimes forget where your place is. Especially when you are in the fledgling stages, where you still try to fogure out what your name or design should stand for. This year is about my very own collection and what I really like to show people. I allow myself to show something private in this collection and how I interpret my thoughts about my family and my very own place in between. 2 outfits are finished and still at least 3 more to go.

While babysitting yesterday I figured it would be fun to ask these two cute girls I take care of once in a while if they would like to go on the runway, too. Of course they were all excited about it and before bedtime, they just had to play and pretend to be a model walking in that fancy dresses. It was soo cute how they think a model should be and what they have seen in movies or magazines. Actually a little scary too, cause at the age of 8 and 11, they already get the tension between being normal and just way too skinny. But these two have a great opinion about it and like who they are. Thats what I love the most about it and what I want to see in them everytime. They should be theirselves anytime, everywhere.

Earlier this day, me and my friend Vera from TakeTime4me finally got back together for our favorite hobby, shopping the fleamarkets! We used to go almost every weekend, but since we both are super busy studying, working or just not living that close to each other, it got rare catching up. We've finally made it and had so much fun talking about trends, people around us and the lovely things we've seen and couldnt decide If one of us "needs" it or not. (its always like that, when visiting a fleamarket!)
The pictures below were made spontaniously, cause be both actually were neighter dressed nor in the mood for a shooting that day. 
Time has changed. It was incredibly cold outside. The temperature switched from + 10°C into - 4°C overnight! Way to cold to walk through a market at 9am. Well, we did it anyways and as cold it was and as exhausted we were we could not just leave without taking some snapshots together. A wonderful memory of the first winter-day of the year.
Outfit - details:  
dark red pants: h&m / croched shirt: fleamarket / black cardigan: Zara / scarf: Primark / shoes: clarks / 
parka: from my brother / necklaces: handmade / ring: a friends gift 

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  1. das ist lieb von dir!!

    Liebe Grüße,
    PS Bei mir gibt es gerade 100€ for Urban Outfitters zu gewinnen. Vielleicht hast du ja Lust dein Glück zu probieren ;)

  2. These photos of you and your friend are very cute!

    <3 Melissa

  3. Tolle Bilder, tolles Outfit und die DIY Kette ist richtig gut gelungen :)

  4. richtige tolle Bilder mit wirklich tollen Outfits. Gefällt mir sehr :)

    Lg thegoldenbun.blogspot.com